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Kim Muench, Texas-based parent coach, author, and mother of five is here to guide you in building a stronger, more peace-filled relationship with your preteen or teen son/daughter.  Enhance your parenting skills and develop healthier relationships in your home with her 12-week personally guided program.

Successfully raising adolescents in today's stressful, confusing culture means embracing five key beliefs...Faith, Calm, Courage, Patience and Grace.  When kids are young, they are often affectionate and cooperative...but, as they hit the preteen and teenage years, gaining awareness and increasing independence, the dynamics at home, and in your relationship, can become tense and frustrating.  

These are the years kids really begin exploring who they want to be, which means peer and romantic relationships, academic and sports pressures, and of course social media all play a part in the process.

Moms and Dads can best weather, and even enjoy, their child's adolescence by parenting consciously, meaning hand-in-hand guidance, not trying to dominate or control the relationship.

Have you been asking yourself any, or all, of the following questions:

  • Why won't my child listen to me?
  • Why does everything have to be an argument or a battle?
  • Why don't I feel connected to my son or daughter?
  • Why doesn't he see how hard I am working, how much I am sacrificing to give him a happy childhood?  

As a parent coach with three decades of personal parenting experience, I know the secret to consciously building strong, healthy connections with kids...especially preteens and teens!

The secret is...IT'S ALL ABOUT US!

The challenges our adolescents bring into our lives has everything to do with US not them.  Which is GREAT NEWS because it means WE are in the drivers seat to creating more peace in our relationships at home!

Do you desire a healthier connection with your child?

Do you want to bring more function to your family life?  

Are you willing to work on yourself in the process of improving the relationships under your roof?

Then I have the approach, the practical tools, and the personal guidance you need!  Contact me now for a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION!

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