Peaceful Parenting Starts Here

Kim Muench, Texas-based Jai certified parent coach, writer, speaker, and mother of five is passionate about guiding you into stronger, more peaceful connections with your adolescent son or daughter, no matter where you live.


Mom you are the emotional barometer for your family.

If you are stressed or unhappy because of the experience you are having with your children, it can show up in other areas of your life as well (like your marriage/career/friendships).  I believe you are the key to positive change in your home and family life Mom, especially when it comes to the tension and struggle between you and your teenager.

My personal support and guidance will help you accomplish the peaceful relationship you wish to have with your adolescent son or daughter.  Leave anxiety, frustration and disconnection behind and shift into enjoying the time you spend with your family.



Mom, this is an investment in your Family!

if you HAVE BEEN dealing WITH

kids who don't listen

the feeling of not knowing who your son or daughter is anymore

your child isolating or being unwilling to talk to you

reacting from a place of hurt or anger instead of responding calmly

difficulty setting and holding boundaries

not feeling like you are receiving the respect and trust you deserve


There is a way to eliminate all of the above from your family life!

What I have discovered in more than three decades of parenting my own five kids, and in coaching other Moms, is the secret to creating a great relationship with your son or daughter starts with your approach.


Work with me personally through one-on-one sessions, no matter where you live. Let’s begin now with a consultation so I can learn more about your unique family situation and you can discover how my guidance can benefit your family.