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My name is Kim Muench.  Sometimes I go by Kimberly...because I think it sounds cooler...but honestly, no one actually calls me Kimberly in real life.  Born and raised in the great state of Wisconsin, I lived (briefly) in California, returned to Wisconsin, and after another DECADE OF LONG, FREEZING COLD WINTERS my family and I moved to Texas.  Yee-haw!  That was eight years ago.  I LOVE the milder winters of the South, and don't mind the heat, but I totally miss our good friends and the down-to-earth people of the Midwest.

This is my family...


My husband Tom and I have been married TWENTY-THREE YEARS.  Yes, it's a long time (I'm sure he'd agree with me).  Together we bring our best to one another and to raising five kids (some of whom have actually flown the coop and become productive, contributing adults).  

My son Nick is twenty-eight.  He was delivered into my arms when I was in my late teens and absolutely gave my life purpose.  In a sense, we have kind of grown up together.  His arrival taught me to have faith in myself, his challenges with alcohol in his early twenties taught me what it means to be a strong woman and a conscious parent.  His presence in my life has always been a blessing.  

Allen-Michael, 22, is at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota for his senior year in college. This guy loves the Lord so much he took a year off of school to serve with NET Ministries, he also spent a semester in Rome.  Allen-Michael and I have some amazing and deep conversations, at this time he is discerning the priesthood after he graduates next spring.

My 17-year-old son Brigham (whom I affectionately call "my Dawg"), is finishing up his high school career, playing tennis, busing tables, and trying hard not to think about having to grow up and move on to college.  I spend most of my days asking him to make his bed and write some more college essays.  He loves me anyway.

Maddux is our middle-schooler.  At twelve he is working hard at becoming a 2nd degree black belt in TKDO, loves science and anything Dr. Who.  All of my kids are quiet, but this guy takes the cake!

I often say God was playing a joke on me when we brought my final child in as a girl.  Mia (10) has been good-natured from day one!  She loves cake baking, animals, and teaches us every day raising a daughter is very different than raising sons.  

I began writing in 2010 with a book I titled My Mothers Footprints, A Story of Faith, Calm, Courage, Patience & Grace.  It's an autobiography of my becoming a mom at the age of eighteen, the challenges I faced during that time...and the progression of my life through another even greater challenge, my son Nick's addiction to alcohol.  His journey to recovery prompted my return to college, and then to spend some time working in the field of adolescent substance abuse treatment.  

When I finished writing the book, I discovered I absolutely LOVED writing.  So I created this website to continue to share my thoughts about the topics closest to my parenting, teen addiction, marriage, faith, and personal growth.  

Once and a while I write something funny, but most of the time I write passionately and honestly about whatever is on my heart.  My goal is to connect with my readers and maybe, just maybe if you're moved enough you'll reach out to me and share some of your trials and triumphs as well. 

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I LOVE to get emails from people who read my work.  Does it resonate with you?  Do you disagree, hate what I've said?  Think I am crazy?  Whatever you feel like sharing with me is welcome...we all have a story to tell, and I would love to hear some of yours!  

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