Mom you are the emotional barometer for your family. If you are stressed or unhappy because of the relationship you are having with your child(ren) it can show up in other areas of your life (like your marriage/career/friendships).  Which is exactly why you are the key to positive change in your home and family life, especially when it comes to the tension and struggle between you and your teenager.

Much of the stress and frustration you are experiencing is because Moms usually bear most of the weight when it comes to the mental and physical work of making sure everyone in the family has what they need, gets where they need to be, looks and feels their best ...and, as a result, we often neglect our own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  

I understand this because I did the same thing for many years.

Mom,taking care of your physical and emotional well-being is the "secret."

My personal support and guidance, given through weekly 1-hour sessions, will help you accomplish the peaceful relationship you wish to have with your adolescent son or daughter.  Leave anxiety, frustration and disconnection behind and shift into enjoying the time you spend with your family.

       mom, this is an investment in your Family!

Photo by bowdenimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by bowdenimages/iStock / Getty Images

if you HAVE BEEN dealing WITH...

  • kid(s) who don't listen
  • the feeling of not knowing who your son or daughter is anymore
  • your child isolating or being unwilling to talk to you
  • taking what is said so personally you react in hurt or anger instead of responding calmly and clearly when in a confrontation
  • being inconsistent in setting and holding boundaries with your family members
  • not feeling like you are receiving the respect and trust you deserve


What I have discovered in more than three decades of parenting my own five kids, and in coaching other Moms, is the secret to creating a great relationship with your son or daughter starts with your approach.

YOU are in the driver's seat to creatING the change you want to see!

My program:

Work with me personally through one-on-one sessions, no matter where you live.  I offer preset packages with a reasonable hourly rate, or intensify the experience by taking my online course Let's Do This Together:  The Mindful Approach to Parenting Your Adolescent with me right by your side.

My intensive 8-week program will give you everything you need to cultivate the connection you have wanted to have with your teen. We will cover topics like setting boundaries, building your self-care routine, developing trust in the relationship, discipline vs. natural consequences, knowing when to step in and help your child and when to step back and let your child learn an important life lesson.  We're going take care of you Mom and your family by cultivating your natural intuition and wisdom! Your teen needs you!

Let’s begin now with a consultation so I can learn more about your unique family situation and so you can see how my guidance can benefit your family.