A "Good" Mom

strong and fragileWhat are the qualities of a "good" mom?

1. Someone who, when she doesn't know the answer, will make every effort to find one. 2. Someone who you can count on to do everything in her power to make you feel better when you are hurting. 3. Someone who is not afraid to say No. 4. Someone who can always find something good to say about you. 5. Someone who cares enough about your future to teach you things like manners, how to make a bed or clean a toilet, and why it is important to do your homework. 6. Someone who, even if she is sick, will do everything she can to make your day "normal". 7. Someone who doesn't hesitate to get in your business and ask tough questions. 8. Someone who will be there when you make mistakes or suffer some of life's disappointments. 9. Someone who is smart enough to know she has to take care of herself if she is going to take good care of you. 10. Someone who would walk through fire, without hesitation, to save you...even when it is from yourself.

But, the most important quality of a "good" mom is that she loves you no matter what. She loves you when you make mistakes, when you don't try your hardest, when you fail, and when you don't necessarily love yourself.

A GOOD mom gives it her best shot everyday to help you be all you can be!

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