A Thought...A Dream...A Reality

One day, shortly after we moved to Texas in 2007, I said to Allen-Michael, "I am going to write a book."  It was admittedly, a random, off-the-cuff comment and was completely out of character for me.  Allen-Michael asked me what the book would be about and I responded, "I don't know, but I am going to write one." Over the next few months Allen-Michael would occasionally ask me if I'd started my book yet.  Each time he did so, I felt a bit of guilt in responding, "Nope, not yet Mike."  Then, one day I saw a blank journal with a pretty cover at Barnes and Noble...that find led to my deciding to write the details (to the best of my recollection anyway) of each of my children's birth days.  As the details were extracted from my brain they just seemed to flow across the paper.  I began to think even if I didn't write a book, I could put each child's story in his or her baby book and someday they'd think it was a nice keepsake.

Months went by, I would pull the sketchbook out on occasion and continue to write.  Both Allen-Michael and Brigham would ask how my "book" was coming.  Each time they did I'd say, "It's a work in progress."

Life with five kids doesn't necessarily leave a lot of time for quiet moments to write, and the last few years have been exceptionally chaotic.  Although it started as a random comment to one of my kids, my dream has finally become a reality with this first book entitled, "My Mothers Footprints". Don't worry, it's not a collection of birth stories...but one, I hope, that captures a message of unconditional love.

Marriage, parenthood, life in general provides a lot of noteworthy material.  My goal is to share some thoughts, experiences, and laughs with you, and in the process of sharing myself, to learn from you as well. Afterall, each one of us has a story to tell!   Look for additional posts here in the near future, and if you have a spare minute, please share with me your thoughts on My Mothers Footprints.