An act of God, or just decide.

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I ran across a post in my Facebook newsfeed this morning which led me to think about the relationship between how God appears in our daily life and whether or not we choose to see it, or we make the decision to write it off as "mere coincidence". 

This woman's story was about how she (literally) ran across someone during her morning exercise routine, allowed him to pass her without acknowledgement and then felt sorry for having done so.  She then prayed to God to allow their paths to cross again if she was meant to be given a chance to actually talk to this individual.  Low and behold...their paths crossed again just a few minutes later and she was blessed to have been given the opportunity to speak with him.

Now, you might totally write that off as a coincidence...I, on the other hand, believe the two were meant to meet again by design. 

How many times in life do we decide what has taken place, or the music on the radio, or the person we "just happened" to run into should be chalked up to nothing, rather than to look at it as a sign we were meant to have the experience or to meet that person?

 I can think of a number of times during my life when I really understood God was working in, for, or directly through me.  Many times it happens when just the song I need to hear comes on the radio while I am in the car or working around the house, or I run into someone who leads me to an opportunity I would not have otherwise been given without personally knowing them.

The most significant time I can remember fully believing God had a hand in my day, rather than the events being a mere series of circumstances, was the day Mia was born.  She wasn't due for another month, but my previous two kids had come early, so when I was awakened with a strong contraction in the middle of the night I knew not to ignore it.  Enough other, albeit intermittent, labor activity ensued to bring me into the hospital by 5 a.m.  Then, nothing....except a hubby who said, "I told you she wasn't going to be born today." 

While my o.b. left the room to assemble the paperwork to release me I prayed.  More intently than I had ever prayed before.  I very much wanted to meet my baby girl that day.  (And, I admit, also to prove my husband wrong.)

In that ten minute window of time, my body went from no contractions (I had been under observation for several hours at the hospital at that point) to so much activity  when the doctor came back in the room to give me final instructions before I left, and she took one look at the monitor and said, "Time for a C-section."

As they say, "God works in mysterious ways."

Another, more recent example:

As I do every morning, yesterday I began my day in prayer, first thanking God for the opportunity to be alive, thanking Him for my husband and children...asking Him to watch over and guide them as they went about their work and play, etc. and I always end my morning prayers with this request:  "God, please allow me to continue to discover the path and purpose for my life.  Please don't allow my own selfish agenda to get in the way of what is truly meant to help me in living out your purpose for my life." 

After I got the kids to school and went to my morning workout, I came home and sat down to write an article for a contest a friend had told me about.  Several hours of writing and revising later, I submitted the article.  I checked email twenty minutes later (after I showered),  I received a response from the author of the website saying she would "be honored" to publish my article!

WOW! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't know about you, but that's not the kinda thing I can just write off!

So my question to you is this....who and what are you just writing off in your life?   What if that song that touched your heart was designed and played at that moment to prompt you to do something you would normally ignore and move along in your day?  What if that person you met at the Open House at the high school last night will be the one who leads you to your next great volunteer position or job offer?  What if my post today inspires you to become more aware of, and to take firmer control of, your own life?

While coincidence is cool, designed by God is DYNAMITE!