Heads Up Boys...Welcome to Puberty & Perimenopause!

Mom and Mia.jpg

One of my favorite shots of my daughter Mia and I,  this is the sweet, happy image I want to keep in mind while we travel the next portion of our path as a middle age mom and pubescent daughter.  In this photo Mia was three, and I was...well, much younger looking...

I can't believe she turns TEN this week!  I am both excited and scared shit-less at the prospect of guiding her through the next decade in this insane, confusing culture.  It will be my job to prepare her for the physical and emotional changes and challenges she will inevitably encounter.  I have warned her dad how important a role his is to her as well.  She needs both of us on her side as she navigates the tumultuous waters ahead.

And, as she's trying to figure out how to deal with her body changes, I am heading straight into my own "girl" crap at the same time (maybe I should call it "old lady crap").  Which is fine, because frankly thirty-five years of dealing with the mess is long enough in my opinion.

The boys really have no idea what is coming...

I've read books to try and prepare myself for the ups and downs ahead, and (at least at the moment) I would say Mia and I have a really solid relationship. She comes to me with everything from sharing the silliest YouTube videos she loves to dilemmas about the girls in her class this year.  I can only hope the line of communication will continue to be as open as we step into scarier topics like alcohol, dating, drugs, and driving.

I'll try my best to handle whatever comes along with my usual cool, calm, optimistic demeanor...however, sometimes even I snap and when both of us are in the middle of a hormone shit-storm I can only imagine how poor Tom, Brigham, and Maddux will cope.  I'm sure there will be plenty of days when Nick and Allen-Michael will be grateful to be out on their own! 

My advice to my husband and sons during the next ten (or so) years:  Know when to pick your battles, never say "its not that important", let us have plenty of time with our girlfriends....unless you want to start listening to us vent about things like cramps, zits, and hair growing where we don't want it to.  Above all else guys....know that "this too shall pass."

Wish us luck as we dive, full-speed ahead into the world of harried hormones!