Backlash from a blogpost


I decided to do something different this week.  Instead of writing, I thought I'd create a video.  

In April, 2014 I wrote a post which got picked up by a fair-sized parenting website called  The post was about my daughter Mia watching a video at a friend's house and then coming home to tell me about it. My reaction, and the subsequent loss of friendship, is what you'll find in the video below:

Writing and publishing on this site is a risk. I take it because I have found it helps me to connect with other people.  I had no idea, until age 43, that I even had a desire or an ability to write.  At almost 47, I feel like writing is both a passion and a calling.  Sharing my thoughts on this website has allowed me to hear from so many other people, all going through their own challenges, who feel they can reach out to me because I have chosen to publish my feelings on various parenting/marriage/faith/personal growth topics over the past several years.  

It is a blessing!

And, writing here has also allowed me to get published on a number of other websites as well as to write for our local newspaper.

Not everyone has agreed with, or appreciates, what I have to say.  Part of the process of writing for me is as a tool to become more authentic.  What I've learned over four years of blogging is that I can't publish something and then behave differently in my life.  This allows me to "be" more of who I really am, and not pretend to be what others (or society) wants me to be. Working through the negative comments or backlash from my writing has been a great growing process for me as well.

The loss of friendship, though painful, was to me a sign the relationship was meant to end.  People come into our lives for a reason, some stay longer than others.  Some leave long before you want them to go...but, all have a lesson to share.  Mine, in this case, was to understand that while I don't write something to intentionally hurt another person, I also don't want to compromise (now, or ever) who I am.

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