Boo (hoo)!

crying pumpkinSitting at my desk this afternoon [while I am supposed to be writing a book or studying for a test], I can't help but feel nostalgic and even a little depressed.

Tonight is Trick or Treat, and I am 100% certain it is going to be an awesome evening!  The weather alone (predicted to be 70 degrees and dry here in D/FW) will ensure a festive atmosphere as we stroll the neighborhood and my kids fill their pillowcases with enough candy to ensure a years worth of cavities (and trips to the orthodontist to fix brackets that mysteriously come unglued).

Yet as I sit here, it hits me that my Trick or Treat days with my kids are REALLY getting numbered.

Brigham cannot decide if he should still be going out or not.  He has friends going, but he wonders if it's right to be asking for candy as a sophomore in high school.  I think he is actually feeling a pull to go with his younger siblings just to stave off the feeling of his teetering into the realm of all things "grown up".  His other option, he stated, was to just stay home and "man the door".

The youngest two kids, at ten and eight, are fairly excited about the hoard they anticipate accumulating tonight.   Maddux has always been particularly fond of this holiday. But, even his excitement has waned dramatically over the past few years.  Maddux used beg me to put up the Halloween village by July 4th, this year we didn't put it up at all.  He did spend an afternoon decorating the outside of the house with his sister and dad, and he did go help a neighbor as well, but I am telling you, there just isn't quite the same amount of hooplah around here...

I thought I'd find the box of  pictures and rifle through them to remember some Halloween's past, but the box was so high up on the shelf I decided I'd rather have movement tomorrow than heave a 100 pound box down to stare at images of days gone by.  Then I thought to myself, "My God, when was the last time we actually PRINTED a picture?"

I blame this whole emotional afternoon on my husband of course...he left me home today with a huge bag of miniature candy bars while he went off to work...I am sure I'm getting weepy because of an overdose on chocolate...

Anyways, (sniff sniff) Happy Halloween! (sniff, sniff)