Boot Camp Baby!


Since the beginning of September I have been participating twice a week in a rigorous boot camp.  (In addition to my regular workout four days a week).  The expression on my face pretty much sums up the agony Melissa  (a/k/a the guru of group torture) puts us through.

boot camp2 Sometimes I really question my sanity...

Then I remember I cannot be all that crazy because I am in good company. The group usually consists of at least four, often many more, woman who (like me) want to push themselves physically and mentally. boot camp6


My stamina has definitely improved over the past six weeks, mentally it has been beneficial.  Although I am not so happy about the FIVE POUNDS I HAVE GAINED!  Melissa tells me it is "muscle weight"...I want to believe her, but my appetite has dramatically increased since I began this regimen as well.  Instead of being smart about it and adding healthy choices, I have been eating whatever Halloween candy has come in to the house (for some reason my husband thinks it should be safe to buy it early). Wrong.

I am ashamed to admit I am a chocoholic.  In the way that an alcoholic might hide bottles throughout the house, I regularly hide bags of M&Ms and tiny, foil-wrapped Dove chocolates in places such as the back of the freezer, in the garage, and yes...even in my underwear drawer.

My kids have caught on to my stupid game and I often come into my bedroom to see my daughter with her hand in one of my socks trying to sneak a piece.

So, as with everything else in life, there are plusses and minuses to pumping up your workout. 

Our group decided to meet up today for lunch.  (I am sure we all wanted the opportunity to let the others see what we look like without sweat dripping down our neck and soaking our t-shirts).  I think we clean up pretty well...

work out gals 001



I have decided to take off for the next few months, it gets colder in Texas than my native Wisconsin butt can handle and I am thinking I need to lose a few pounds before the holidays.  I want to thank Melissa and the ladies in the group for the social outlet and workout encouragement you have provided me over the past two months!

Maybe, (if I am still as crazy) I will see y'all again in the spring.