Can a pair of boxer shorts really be "Lucky"?

  lucky undies The other night Tom and I were in the bathroom getting ready for bed.  It was late and we were both exhausted from a long day of work.  All of a sudden he says to me, "I'm wearing my lucky boxer shorts..."

My immediate response, "What does THAT mean?"  (While at the same time my mind is rapidly running the short list of  excuses to use since I am literally so tired I will be LUCKY to actually put my head on the pillow before my eyes close and the snoring commences).

I turned around to look at him,"Tom, how old are those boxers?"  I ask, skirting the issue at hand.

"I don't know, several years old..."   (This was obvious)

tom's undies

(Brings new meaning to the word "money shot", right?!)

"I'm sorry honey, but they're just not working for me tonight."  (An important side note here:  Tom and I have been married 20 years, and just like all happily married couples, part of that success is derived from the physical side of our relationship).

[How's that for putting it delicately in case our kids or other family members might choose to read this post...]

"They've helped me close a lot of deals in their lifetime." He says.

In my head I'm thinking "Yah, well this one ain't happening."

But out of my mouth comes, "That's great dear, everyone should have a lucky pair of underwear."  Thus giving meaning to the phrase, "fake it til you make it".

One thing led to another, and let me just say that, in the end, I think we both got lucky:winking-smiley-face

Bottom line:   In marriage if you don't find a way to keep it fresh, you're both "screwed." Just could not pass this up...