Consult your own soul. Deep inside you already know the answers you need. ~Regina Brett

  explore-yourself So common is the catch phrase "mothers intuition" it has become cliche.

My feeling is, whether you are a mother or not, we should spend more time tapping in to our "inner voice".

I was at a support group meeting a few weeks ago and a woman, whose daughter had just returned from six weeks in residential treatment, was looking for some advice as to whether or not her daughter should have access to her cell phone now that she was home.  Daughter felt she should have the phone back with no restraints, husband had another opinion, friends had given their thoughts...

The woman was seeking the opinion of the others in the room who had been in her shoes. Not uncommon, and truly one of the foundations upon which such meetings are organized. However, the more opinions and advice this woman received, the more confused she appeared to become as to how to handle the situation.

Nobody wants to leave a community support group meeting MORE upset or confused than when they walked in.

There was a moment in which I decided to speak up. Because, believe it or not, I rarely do so [with my mouth anyways].

I told the woman, in a kind yet firm manner, to quiet all of the other voices she was seeking (those of her husband/her daughter/her well-meaning friends, and the support group members) and to listen to herself.

For she truly knew the answer to the dilemma.

We all do. Sometimes we go to extraneous lengths to quiet our inner voice but, we DO have the answers to the problems in our lives if we just quiet the world and listen to our hearts.

Take some time today to silence the banter of life and listen the still, strong voice inside of YOU.