Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. ~Dr. Brene Brown

  eyeImage by Paul M. Peterson

I have written on this site about many things, some of them very personal, some very controversial.  But, how well do you really know me?

How well do we really know anyone for that matter?

What you know about me is what I allow you to see.  You do the same within the sphere of your own life.

Many people lead a double life.  The life they project into the world, and the life they live within themselves.

Earlier this week I watched a very poignant interview from a young man who has, in my opinion, an incredible amount of courage.  His name is Kevin Breel, and he taped a TEDx talk in May of this year about a very serious issue few people want to openly discuss.


Not the kind that just brings you down for a few days, like over the break up of a relationship, or receiving a bad grade, or when the Cowboys lose the game...the kind of depression that even when everything is going right within your world you feel immersed in darkness.  Unrelenting, crushing depression that eats at every aspect of your daily life.

I am blessed to say I have not experienced this issue firsthand.  However, both Tom and I do have this history within our immediate families, so I paid particular attention to what this young man was saying.  It is never far from my mind depression may be something I will have to face with my spouse or children at some future point.

I think when we give a voice to "scary" things like depression, addiction, sexual abuse...the real life challenges we may face everyday, it gives them less power.

When we open our mouths or write our words or paint our pictures or create our music, we challenge and expose the darkness within.  That act, in whatever form it takes,  brings the possibility of  understanding, of cathartic expression, and of hope.  Giving depression a voice ensures the possibility of light to shine in.

This eleven minute video has a very important message.  I hope you will take the time to view it and to share it if this is something you think may help someone dealing with depression.