Dear Kenmore...

Dear Kenmore Appliance Company/Vacuum Division: Your product sucks!  I mean that as an insult, not as a compliment!  Less then a year ago we purchased one of your canister vacuums [Model 116] because our "old" Kenmore canister (which, as I recall, was about 2 at the time...) got relegated to the garage to pick up dirt, pebbles and other outdoor accouterments since the carpet attachment no longer functioned.

For some insane reason we keep buying your brand.  You would think by now we'd have learned our lesson.  I rationalize our persistent purchase of your product due to the fact that it is cheap and easy to find.  But our continued  support of your "sucky" product (20 years and 10 Kenmore canister vacuums later...) is truly, in essence, the  definition of insanity!

Let me point out a few things about this picture...

I am not sure you can see my expression, but I am about ready to throw this piece of sh#@ vacuum out the nearest window!  If you'll notice the cord (which is supposed to plug directly into the wall and stay plugged in) is wrapped around a chair so I can vacuum continuously without the cord falling out of the socket thus creating an even more time-consuming weekly endeavor.  Oh, and that roll of duck tape on the chair??  It's to keep the flipp'n wand together!  And thank God I don't vacuum in the dark, because the light on the carpet attachment hasn't worked in months.  I forgot, did I mention this vacuum is LESS THAN a year old?!

I [thought] I'd gotten a bit smarter with time and experience by purchasing the repair warranty with the vacuum.  Here's the problem:  the Sears appliance repair center is ALWAYS, no matter what frick'n city you live in, at least 30 MINUTES away!  Really?!  Who the h-e-double hockey sticks has time to run a $300 vacuum 30 freak'n miles for a 10-day vacation while their home gets overrun with crumbs and then drive back to get it???????  Talk about INconvenient!!

I don't know about you, but when I buy a deluxe vacuum, you with 360 degree swivel hose/whisper belt/HEPA filter, I expect it to work for more than a year...WITHOUT having to take it in for service!  So, for Godssake, for my sanity, and for those who continue to be nuts enough to buy your product, give us that "little extra" and supply something we can actually count on for at least 12 consequtive months sans issues!

Sincerely insane,

Kim Muench/Flower Mound, Texas