Every day, in every way, kindness matters!

One of the greatest aspects of taking Dr. Shefali's Conscious Parenting tele-course last spring was getting to know so many other wonderful people who (a) work daily to build stronger, healthier families and (b) write amazing books!

One of those people I encountered during the course was Erin Taylor, who recently published a terrific book entitled Connection & Kindness:  The Key To Changing the World Through Parenting.

Each chapter of Erin's book shares a different aspect to engaging in and implementing kindness in our lives.  Whether it be kindness to ourselves, our spouse, our children, or the community at large, it is in spreading kindness that we build and encourage an environment of compassion and connection.

However, Erin emphasizes the place to begin is within your own heart...

A mom’s best gift is to progressively embrace her own loving soul, in all its blossoming fullness, and thereby awaken the soul of her children that they may blossom in all their magnificence also. Awakened souls are what our world is crying out for.
— Erin Taylor, Connection & Kindness

Although many of Erin's stories were relevant and relatable to my own experience of motherhood, I found Chapter 8, Be Kind to Yourself Get a Life of Your Own,  resonated deeply with me.  A few years ago, when my oldest had moved out, and my second son would soon be going off to college, I returned to college myself realizing my years as a full-time mom were waning (as they should) and my own personal goals needed attention as well.  Since my graduation, I have found my niche writing from home, which has allowed me a great balance of being available to  my kids, as well as feeling I am making my own impact on the world.  What a blessing! 

Erin, who is a parenting coach and counselor, as well as a mother to four children (one of whom passed away shortly after birth), crafts a piece of work peppered with personal stories from her home and work life which all parents are sure to relate to.  With realistic suggestions on how to become a parent who cultivates kindness in themselves, as well as in their family members, this book would also make a terrific gift!

Click here to order Erin's book or to learn more about her counseling and coaching services!