faith1 Got the kids to school this morning and went to the amenity center to grind out my usual 30 minutes while watching the TODAY Show from the elliptical machine.

Yesterday Savannah, Matt and Natalie were broadcasting from beautiful Hawaii, yukk'n it up hula dancing and learning to play the ukulele. This morning, the crew was in Moore, Oklahoma talking about the incredible destruction, devastation and lives lost in the tornado.

There was a point at which I decided to look out the window instead of watch any more of the television broadcast. Not because I am heartless, but because my heart was filled with sorrow for all that town has and will continue to go through.

The video and the interviews were too unsettling to continue to digest. I was getting more stressed out, instead of less, as I progressed through my workout.

Another reason I found it a challenge to watch the show was because the tornado hit fairly close to home. I could envision my own children's elementary school being struck and the incredible shock and terror of my own family having to deal with the aftermath.

As I looked out the window I asked God to please provide the families of Moore who lost their loved ones, homes, and businesses some peace in the days ahead for the realization that there IS a reason for every event to take place in our lives.

Which does not make it any less easy to swallow, especially when you have lost your child, spouse, friend, coworker.

Not only did they lose elements intricate to their lives, they mourn the incredible loss of "what could have been".

I believe natural disasters and man-made violent catastrophes are an opportunity for all of us to understand our lives do not hold any guarantees.

I find it very freeing to be able to live each day knowing I am doing the very best I can as a human being.  There are so many days I fall short, but that is what motivates me to get up the next day and try again.

We are all going to experience the challenges and losses of life.  Some of us will experience more than others.  It is part of living.  THE TRUE BEAUTY LIES IN HOW WE CHOOSE TO HANDLE THESE EVENTS.

I am certain there are numerous appropriate Bible quotes I could plunk into this post right now.  However, my faith in God, and in the course of my life, has nothing to do with the Bible.  Although, it is an awesome tool for those who choose to invest in all it has to offer.

My faith comes from a deep feeling in my heart which propels my thoughts, my actions, and my desire to continually strive for more as a human being walking this journey with you.

God-willing I will wake up tomorrow and be given another opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those He allows me to touch.