Fixer Upper!

Tom at Magnolia Farms.jpg

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I have a secret.

Tom and I have a couple crush.  No, not some sick/twisted fantasy!  GEEZ, get your mind out of the gutter! 

We LOVE Chip and Joanna Gaines! 

Why, you ask?

For their awesome renovation show on HGTV called "Fixer Upper."   It's one of the few shows I will sit and watch besides Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and Lifeclass.  Not only do we absolutely LOVE the way Joanna Gaines decorates, but her edgy tongue-and-cheek banter with hubby Chip makes us wish we were neighbors with this solid, down-to-earth couple.

I tease Tom all the time about his man crush on Chip.  He completely denies it...then, to prove my point, he figures out where they live and takes a picture of himself in front of their home while in Waco for a tennis tournament with Brigham:

When I saw this posted on Facebook it made me so jealous!

Tom loves Chip's enthusiasm on "demo day" as well as his childish sense of humor, like when he surprised Joanna on camera wearing only a pair of lederhosen.  Sometimes I think Tom is envious of Chip's ability to routinely show his Peter Pan side...

Tom and I enjoy the show so much, today we actually purchased a "Fixer Upper" of our own to begin demo-ing.  As many of you know, we have had to lease for the past several years in order to overcome a fairly significant financial setback our family went through in 2009 when we lost our home.  Tough [unforeseen] financial circumstances + a very bad real estate market = a situation we never thought we would be in.

With that major setback now behind us, we have become homeowners once again.  It's a hop/skip/jump from where we live now, so no kids will be changing schools (always a priority to me).  This also makes it easy to move a lot of our stuff ourselves and we gotta save money wherever we can because...the house needs A LOT OF WORK! 

Tom and I are such dubious students of the show Fixer Upper, we are expanding our vocabulary to include such words as"repurpose" and "sweat equity".  There will be a lot of both going on as we begin the task of taking this twenty-year-old "diamond in the rough"  traditional and transforming it into a French-style "farmhouse" for our family to enjoy for years to come.  (With luck it will be for more than three years...which is our current record for staying at the same address).  This new dwelling marks our eleventh home in twenty-two years of marriage.

I know the television show only allows its viewers to see the funny, witty highlight reel of Chip and Joanna's work together as they help couples purchase and renovate their home.  Surely with four kids, multiple animals and a farmhouse renovation of their own they have some less than stellar moments as man and wife.

However, as Tom and I head into this rather large project I know it's their brightest moments we'll try to emulate.  The next few months could definitely prove to shed light on some defining moments in our marriage!

Chip, if you've got a free weekend, I have a husband who is ripping out 2,200 sf of carpet and 1,200 sf of glued-down wood floor and he could really use some extra guns.

Now, who knows where can I find some metal letters?!

Let the chaos begin!

metal letters.jpg