New Years Resolutions...God can't steer a parked car. -Father Brian Park

HAPPY 2015!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with enough family, friends and food to make you happy it's over!

Ours was quiet (as predicted), but gave Tom and I a great chance to spend some quality time with each other, and with our kids, and to catch up on some much desired rest.

The start of a new year always gives us an opportunity (if we truly desire) to evaluate different aspects of our lives and to set some intentions to improve in areas we feel we lack.  While I don't believe you need a new year to make changes that will improve your life, I do want to encourage you in my first post of 2015 to do one thing, and that is to...

take the next right step!

Now, I don't know exactly what that means for your life, but for me it means publicly writing out my goals for the year so I can be accountable.  (Kinda like friends of mine who can't workout unless they have a trainer or a workout buddy they meet). 

I have found in the past that if I just say I am going to change it is highly unlikely I will actually do so.  Today I am taking my January goals a step further...ladies and gentlemen, these (in no particular order) are my targets for 2015:

  • To continue to learn how best to guide my children as their parent by taking an online class from someone I respect deeply in the field, Dr. Shefali Tsabary.
  • To make time and pay closer attention to my husband's needs, to inspire him to grow in faith and in his career by continuing to be an example of taking risks and believing God's plan for me is bigger than the obstacles I may face, and to remember to thank him more often for the gift of his presence in my life.
  • To continue to put gratitude FIRST, to find additional quiet time everyday for meditation so I can actually hear God and remain open-minded as to what he is calling me to do with my life.
  • To do the things that scare me, so I can develop the courage I need to become the woman God wants me to become.  And to spend much less time comparing my life, my parenting, my work to others so I can get the most out of the gifts others bring into my life.

And lastly, to be the support and encouragement other families will need this coming year in facing the addiction of a loved one.  I want to do this in whatever form it takes...listening, writing, teaching...I am open to whatever path presents itself.

Oh, one more thing....I am going to spend less time on Facebook (this might be the most challenging thing...sad to admit).  I don't want to get so lost in other people's highlights that I take away from creating my own.  Twice a day is the way!

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Here's to a productive, healthy, inspiring 2015 to you and to me as well!