Putting thanks into Thanksgiving.

heart treeFor the second year in a row, I constructed a brown paper tree and bought leaf-shaped cut-outs so my family and I can write down the things we are grateful for before placing them on the tree branches.  A friend of mine shared the idea with me, and I think the trees presence in our kitchen is a great way to trigger each of us to count our blessings.

As we get closer to month's end, there are many leaves adorning our tree.

Some the leaves say simple things such as family, friends, our dogs, being alive...some of the leaves are a bit more thought provoking and reflective.

For example: Gratitude 001 We make choices every day as to how we will attend to the life we have been given. While it is true much is left to fate or to chance, our attitude about how we approach the things beyond our control IS a choice.

Notice I did not say the choice was simple...many days, it is not.

Life is filled with challenges, some are larger than others.  I choose to see the beauty even in the darkest day and to be grateful for a life that encompasses moments of beauty and moments of struggle.

I choose to shine despite all the reasons it would be easier to recoil from adversity.

What will you choose to meet your life with?