I cannot hear YOU if I don't listen to myself.


Life is funny, isn't it? I have long been a believer God places people in my path for a reason. The latest evidence was a conversation I had recently while on the elliptical machine. The woman sweating next to me looked over and said, "Hey, this is a random question, but...are you a writer?"

I never know how to answer that question.

Because, while I love to write, I rarely get paid to do it...so if I make next to nothing doing something I love to do, can I really assign myself the label? I mean if someone paid for my words regularly, that would make it more legit, right?

All internal analysis aside, I answered, "Yes, why do you ask?"

She said she had read some of my work through a mutual acquaintance's Facebook page. (Always nice to hear). She told me she has a friend who writes murder mysteries, who has been published several times, would I be interested in having her try and connect the two of us so I could hear about his writing journey.

Of course I would! Someone who legitimately calls himself a writer, talking with me, a wannabe? Yes ma'am, I sure would be honored to meet your friend!

Forty-eight hours later I was sitting at the local Starbucks across from an author by the name of Jeffrey Shelby (www.jeffshelby.com) who gave me all sorts of information about his writing and publishing journey!

Every writer has an interesting story as to how they got to where they are, and while listening to Jeff's tale I began to ponder what the past few years of writing has meant to me, and what the future might hold for the projects I have held close to my heart.

While I thoroughly enjoy the once or twice weekly engagement with those who take the time to read and send feedback to me on my posts, I have been unable to develop other projects I feel are calling my name. So in an effort to listen to my "inner voice" I am going to step back from posting here until after Labor Day.

If you have been a regular reader, please know how much I appreciate your spending time on the site. I have published 168 times since November of 2011, perhaps you have missed a few and could read them over the summer? I would really love that! Even better would be if you shot me an email telling me which is your favorite post and why it touched your heart.

THAT would be AWESOME!

Because even though I won't be writing here for the next few months, I will be very close to my computer and email! (mymothersfootprints@gmail.com)

Make it an awesome summer and I promise I will see you back here right after Labor Day Weekend!