Does Santa deliver guinea pigs?

cindy lou who Mom, should I say, "Dear Dad" or "Dear Daddy?"

I tell her, in this situation, it is probably best to go with Dad since her goal is to show him how mature and responsible she is becoming.

Okay, she says...

Mia knows if she has any hope of getting Santa to bring the two guinea pigs her heart so desires for Christmas (the only item on her wish list), she needs to have her dad on board.  So Mia composed what she hopes will be THE letter granting her the answer she seeks.

This is what she ended up writing: letter


Which, by the way, was on the heels of an ongoing campaign with almost daily entries.  Here is just a small sample of what Tom has found on his pillow or in his office for the past several weeks now: g pig campaign

A month ago Tom told Mia she should find a guinea pig babysitting job so she could try on all aspects of owning another pet.  (Of course this was in the hopes of deterring her desire).

Mia took care of a neighbors small, furry poop monster named "Guinea" the guinea pig for four days last week.  She cleaned the cage twice and also gave the guinea pig two baths.  Surprise, surprise Mia thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

So did our two miniature daschunds. In fact, this is what they reminded me of: bruce

Remember Bruce from Finding Nemo?  That is just the way our dogs behaved when Guinea was in the house.  We had to keep saying to Mollie and Mischief, "Guinea pigs are FRIENDS, not FOOD."

So the big question (and ongoing debate) at our house is....WILL SANTA BRING THE GUINEA PIGS?

Mia is the last of my kids to believe in Santa Claus, so the rest of the family wants to shelter her from the truth.  I think we all realize once she uncovers the origin of her gifts, the magic of Christmas will evaporate.  And no one wants the fantasy of the holiday season to go "poof"...

On the other hand, if she asks me honestly I will tell her the truth because I don't want a repeat of what happened with my eldest and his thinking when we lied about Santa we also lied about the existence of God.

This is why I have gone over to Camp Mia on this issue.  It is funny how I had no trouble giving up the vestiges of her babyhood, like the breast pump, or the crib, or even the booster seat when she turned seven.  Yet, the idea of her knowing there is no Santa Claus is something which makes me really sad, and I feel as if Santa brings her the guinea pigs we can stave off her doubts for another year.

But I will NOT clean the cage.  Ever.

Tom thinks I am a traitor, because he basically knows if he says no he'll be the bad guy.  And he hates being the bad guy.  But he also hates guinea pigs...

He is willing to get one.  Not two.  I say what's the difference?  I say, they poop up a storm, what's one more?  Besides, then the guinea pig won't be lonely in a month when Mia is bored with the whole idea.  (Just kidding, I don't think that will happen...)

It's an ongoing drama at the Muench house this holiday season.  But, I never forget we are so very lucky to have this little to worry about when so many other families are carrying much larger burdens.

Stay tuned to see if she gets her wish...