IDEAS: Conscious, magic energy that leave you if not used

Last summer I was investigating an idea that popped into my head about selling a line of cool t-shirts through the Real Life Mom site.  With short, positive sayings like "Manifest" and "Live Life As Is".  I googled different screen printing sites, even toured our local CustomInk factory to learn about the t-shirt making process.  I was really excited about this concept for several weeks...and then, for whatever reason...I became less excited.

It just didn't appeal to me as much anymore.

Does this ever happen to you?

You know, where you get excited about an idea and you work on developing it, jot some notes, talk about it with some family, friends, maybe even potential investors, and then after a while the idea fizzles...

What happens?  Where does it go?  

Tom likes to tease me about how jagged my road to "finding a career" has been.  He loves to bring up the fact that a million years ago, during our brief stint in California, I wanted to go to law school.  Then the next big thing, several years later, was finishing my college degree (which I did) and becoming a licensed chemical dependency counselor.  But, after working in the field for a while I moved on, and began writing in earnest, working on getting published through as many websites as I could.  That was appealing for a while, but the return on creative investment didn't measure up, so eventually I got burned out on that idea.

My latest, and what I feel is my BEST idea, is enrolling in an intensive parent coaching course which I intend to develop into a business I will launch later this year to help other moms and dads work towards enjoying healthier, happier relationships with their kids.  For the last few months I have felt like parent coaching IS God's calling for the purpose of my life.  And I couldn't be more EXCITED about this idea and it's potential.

This idea feels different than others I've's deeper, and just plain feels "right" because it brings my passion for parenting together with my desire to be home for my kids everyday. The ability to help others, doing something I love, while being available to be the mom I want to be...what could be better than that?! 

Okay, back to t-shirts.  

Over the weekend I was looking through my Facebook news feed (for the bah-zillionth time, cursing myself all the while knowing I must have more important things to do), when all of a sudden BAM! there was a site with the coolest t-shirts I had ever seen!  The company is called Feather and Wild and I immediately reached out to the owner, and then I ordered a t-shirt.

Part of me was like, "Damn, why didn't I move ahead with a t-shirt line?" and another part of me is like, "Good for her, she ran with her great idea!"

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Big Magic wrote about this concept, and I am convinced, as she is, ideas are visitors who knock on the door of our consciousness to see if they can come to life through us.  And,  if we don't respond quick enough to it...or with enough energy...the idea will leave us to find someone else to help it to come to fruition. 

It takes a lot of determination, passion, commitment, and energy to take an idea and turn it into a reality.

Each of us has a lot of ideas everyday, some we discard immediately...some we chat about, let percolate, we might even investigate and analyze them for quite a while...but, then something happens (or doesn't happen, as the case may be), and we move on from the idea.  Or, the idea moves on from us.

I don't think you should ever be upset about an idea you had, but didn't or couldn't develop, or one you then see come alive somewhere else.  Don't bother wasting time looking back, look forward and keep your eyes open for the next great idea that comes YOUR way.

I hope there are a million t-shirts with short, positive sayings sold so that we can all see inspiration boldly displayed as their owners walk around encouraging others!