If I won the lottery...

It's fun to think about, isn't it?

Winning the lottery that is.

Although I don't spend a lot of time pondering the possibility because I am one of those people who strongly believes money doesn't really make someone happier...at least not for very long anyway.

My husband, however, buys tickets all the time...he's got his action plan completely figured out.  

But, tonight as I think about life, I am allowing my mind to wander to the question:  what would I DO if I won the lottery?

  1. Pay off the rest of my student loan.
  2. Gift a Disney Cruise to my cousin Sharon and her family.  Her son Ryan has had severe epilepsy for many years and his only wish when he graduates from high school this spring is to go on a Disney Cruise.
  3. Pay my parents back for helping me get Nick into treatment.
  4. Go back to school and get a masters degree in counseling.
  5. Help my kids pay for their education (by no means fully fund it).
  6. Help my husband pursue his passion of opening a local indoor tennis facility.
  7. Hire a cleaning service to come once a week (I would still clean in between), they would wash sheets and remake the beds (especially Maddux's bunk!)
  8. Gift money to several wonderful causes I know including WTF (Winning The Fight) and Heartlight Ministries.
  9. Find a way to further the work of Dr. Shefali Tsabary because I believe so strongly in her mission to help moms and dads become conscious in their role as parent.
  10. Make sure my parents and in-laws don't have to worry about money as they continue through their "golden years.".

Here is what I would NOT do:

  1. Buy ridiculously expensive clothing/accessories/shoes.
  2. Buy a bigger house.  Although I would redo our 20-year-old bathrooms and move the laundry room upstairs where the bedrooms are, giving us a nice sized pantry in our kitchen (which is currently a super small laundry room).
  3. Buy organic food.
  4. Go to Europe.  Deathly afraid to fly over water.
  5. Drive a different car.  There is nothing more fun than the Soul.
  6. Buy my kids any more electronics.  I would, however, replace my cell phone because it is old and doesn't work very well.
  7. Stop shopping at Target/Hobby Lobby/Kohls or Canton Trade Days.
  8. Find new friends.
  9. Think I am better than anyone else.
  10. Judge other people on what they do if they win the lottery.

This will probably never happen.  Although when Tom buys tickets I do wish for it to actually occur so he can believe me when I say money won't solve his problems.  While it might bring us temporary happiness, the only way to find real peace begins inside of you.

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?