Inch by Inch: Building A Platform

When we moved into our latest home, in early November, I wrote about my new office and how I had a feeling it would bring me some exciting opportunities. Three months later I am happy to report I was right!  

I have been diligently working, not only on my writing, but on building a platform and sharpening my personal skills as well.  Things like speaking in front of others (always high anxiety for me) and leading group discussions.  In order to acknowledge and work with my fears, I have said yes to a few projects I never would have, even just a year ago.  

Deciding life is too short to say "no", when you feel passionate about something you need to open your mouth.  Chances are if you believe in it, so do others.  And, if by chance they don't, it's okay.  I have taken "the bull by the horns" as they say, by saying YES and even going so far as creating opportunities for myself to conquer my fears.

I just finished two different projects I want to share with you today.  They are by no means perfectly polished (and never will be because they are entering the world in an "as is" state).  These are merely me as a work in progress.

I entered a Vlog Challenge (in this case a vlog is a personal reading of your own work) with about fifty other bloggers around the country.  Here is the piece I submitted:

Video credit goes to both Maddux and Mia who together had a hand in helping me practice, tape, and load this onto my YouTube channel.  There are indeed instances when technology and kid's knowledge are a blessing!  Left to my own devices, this project would have taken me twice as long I am sure.

Another area I have been working on is submitting my writing to other websites.  Specifically parenting websites.  I have found over the past few years my passion lies in really looking at how not only I am raising my kids, but in how we are doing so collectively as a generation.  One of my new favorite sites that I contribute to is called Ten to Twenty Parenting:  It's an age, not a sentence.

I am headed in the direction of being a regular contributor to the site, both in writing and in taping podcasts.  My "debut" came out this morning.   I have only had the courage to listen to it once (and the time as well really), if you choose to listen get past the 4th minute of my "ums" and it's smooth sailing. Of course I analyzed it to death, but I want to share it with you here because like I said, it's a great website for moms and dads with kids between 10-20 years of age, and because while it's less than perfect, Parenting as Partner is a great topic to discuss!

Here it is:

Going from Parent to Partner with Guest Kimberly Muench

I am also writing a newspaper column for our local paper and working with a wonderful editor on a book project which I hope will see the light of day (or rather the light of e-book) in the next few months.

So, my message to you if you are reading this blog is this:  Take a chance, build a platform of what you are passionate is short, if you don't take and make chances for yourself life will pass you by.  Whether it's getting back in the job force, going back to school to earn a degree, walking away from a career you can no longer stomach, or working on a relationship that needs is short and tends to move faster as we age.

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift...that's why we call it The Present.