Inspiring interviews!

super soul sundayThose of you who know me well know I spent years dedicated to watching my DVR'd episodes of Dr. Phil each evening at 9:30 p.m. with my glass of chardonnay and bowl of Cheetohs or Fritos in hand.   I even had my husband watching them with me on a regular basis, although his favorite thing to do was mock me by saying, "Dr. FEEEEELLLLLL".  To be honest my addiction to his show was so intense you would probably think I was a complete nut case if you knew how many times I wrote the show over the years trying to be a guest (yes, really).

However, I have found something better than Dr. Phil...something that inspires me so much I wanted to write about it so maybe you would be inspired as well.

I began recording Oprah's Super Soul Sunday about four months ago, and I LOVE the way I feel at the end of each episode!  I don't spend much time in front of the television (usually only an hour at the end of my day...yes, with wine and snacks) but,  like you, I want the time I do spend in front of the tube to be quality time.

Oprah hosts many interesting people on her show.  From Howard Schulz (the chairman and CEO of Starbucks) to Eckert Tolle (spiritual leader and author), she is able to finesse tough answers and insight about life's biggest questions from each of her guests.  The exchange always leaves me thinking about how short life is, how important our quest to quiet the chaos of life should be in order to find our soul's purpose, and then diligently work towards making it a reality.

At the end of every show Oprah asks "the tough questions":

1.  What is God?

2.  Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?  If so, explain.

3.  What is the soul?

4.  Have you always considered yourself to be a spiritual person or was there an "aha" moment?

5. What happens when we die?


Since I will [very likely] never be a guest on Oprah's show, I thought it might be interesting to ponder these questions myself and to write my way to discovering my own insight into spirituality.

Here it goes...

1.  What is God?

Although I think any words I might use to try to define God would fall short of describing my perception, I believe God is the beginning through the end of everything.  God loves without condition or restriction.  God is the reason I can stay calm in the storm because I fully believe everything (from the best to the worst life has to offer) happens for a reason.  God is what connects all of us on this journey we call  life.

2.  Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?

Yes.  Religion is the structure, the rules, the community, and the business centered around what some of us refer to as God.  Spirituality is more illusive, more personal, and very individualized...the core of my spirituality is having complete faith in the unknown.  Knowing no matter what happens in my life I will survive and learn from the lesson put before me.

3.  What is the soul?

Our soul is the essence of who we are.  When we shut out the noise and chaos of life it is the light that feeds us and moves us in the direction of our purpose.

4.  Have you always considered yourself to be a spiritual person, or was there an "aha" moment?

I have never been overly religious, but I believe the spiritual side of my life grew exponentially each time I brought new life into the world.  I don't think you can be a part of that miracle without it changing you and opening your eyes.  In the past few years I believe I have become more open to what life is trying to tell me with the trials my children have endured and those I have encountered through my marriage as well.

5.  What happens when we die?

I think death is a beginning, not an ending.  And I think THAT will be an "aha" moment when we fully comprehend so much of what we don't while walking the earth.  I think we will be surrounded by love, light, understanding and those who have gone before us.

What are your answers to the tough questions?  Are you able to quiet the noise and channel the direction of your life's purpose?