It is what it is!


Thirty is the new twenty!!!!!!!

Bullshit I say.  Thirty is thirty.  Forty is forty.  Fifty is fifty.  Embrace it for godssake!

That's what I wanted to say to the two dental assistants prattling back and forth about "the big birthday" one of them was celebrating while we were in the office the other day.

Why does the world insist on making people feel as if  younger is better?!

This forty-five year old woman is happy exactly where she is, thank you.  I have zero desire to be twenty again, or thirty for that matter.

Am I looking forward to fifty?  No...because I am busy trying to enjoy being forty-five.

I would be lying through my teeth if I said I was excited about the age spots and wrinkles on my face, but every time I mention the idea of a facial peel my husband tells me to suck it up because I was the one who spent every summer of my youth worshipping the sun without adequate protection.  Unfortunately, he is right.  And since he is the reason my college loans are getting paid off, I am not about to argue with him.

So, I have decided to enjoy every spot and crease because, what the hell, I've earned them dammit!  And guess what...they aren't going anywhere even if I hate them.

There is always going to be something to complain about, if we CHOOSE to.  I personally believe the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to accept who we are.  So I try really hard to do that EVERYDAY.

I may be getting less of what society calls "beautiful" on the outside, but as I age I am realizing a truly beautiful person is one who sparkles from the inside.

It is okay to be whatever age you are, just be the BEST you can be for that age!