Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

I saw the most fascinating video come across my news feed today!  It was an experiment whereby one man told six different photographers six different stories about the subject they would be shooting.  The personas he told about this man ranged from his being an alcoholic to a psychic to a self-made millionaire.  Each photographer had ten minutes in which to get to know, then capture, the man in a way they best felt represented who he was.

The six photographers were stunned to find out (after looking at all of the work they'd done, placed side by side) that none of the pictures looked alike.  In that moment they still did not know they'd all been told a different story about the man, and each had relied on themselves to best portray the character of the person they'd come to shoot.

Here is the short video:


The video reminded me of being photographed by Houston Brown back in 2011 for the cover of my book.  For me, the tattoo had to be a central focal point because of the pivotal nature faith, calm, courage, patience and grace had become in my everyday life.  But, I didn't want the picture to come off as something that would be seen as the least bit provocative.  Simple, reflective, and natural were my goals.  I think he did a terrific job of reading into what I was looking for.

Whether through a photograph, a blog post, or a coffee date,  we cannot change the impression others have of us.  Every moment we use our instincts and intuition to create a perception which guides us in belief as to whether or not the person presenting is living authentically, or merely wearing a cover story...and often we respond accordingly.

I have worked at telling my story over the years, with a level of honesty which has helped me uncover who I truly am and in the process of this exercise have learned what I desire as my life continues.  

I think when we practice living our truest self, we inspire those close to us to do the same.

Today I want to encourage you to reflect on who you are, and who you'd like to be if you aren't living the life of your true self....maybe you won't be starting a blog and publishing your story like I do, but, the benefits of walking around in a skin that you love and own are priceless.

Trust me.