It's hard to "contain" my appreciation for a special night out on the town.

grand opening 1 Last night I was invited to peel off my sweaty mom uniform (workout shorts, tank, and a ponytail) to attend a Grand Opening Party put on by one of my husband's clients, The Container Store.

Let me tell you, THE home/dorm organization store, which is based in Dallas, KNOWS how to throw a party!

As we pulled into the lot we could see a plethora of Fort Worth's finest directing incoming cars toward the valet parking area. (I felt as if I was attending a red carpet event...or what I believe a red carpet event would be like since I have never been, nor do I anticipate ever being so lucky as to actually attend something THAT fancy). There had to be 30 men and women dressed in white shirts and black dress pants waiting patiently to open doors and assist in a matters related to getting the cars quickly out of the way and people into the party.

The Grand Opening Party took place at The Container Store's new Fort Worth location. In order to go the party you have to be somehow attached to The Container Store (vendor/employee/high spending customer). My husband happens to service the outdoor advertising for many of the markets and they (The Container Store people) were just nice enough to allow him to bring a date (me me me!). I was told they were expecting approximately 3,000 people!


As we walked in to the front entrance there was no mistaking the festive atmosphere. Just past the front door there was a large bar and just beyond that an 8-member band was firing up the dance floor with all the latest Top 40 hits. The place was hopping (literally) with well-dressed attendees packed in so tight you wondered how the place could possibly hold any more fun.

Each area of the store (kitchen/laundry/bath/home office/travel) had their own incredibly creative offerings of appetizers and desserts!

Some examples:

grand opening 3

The little spice jars contained a delicious cold asperagus soup topped with a cute little purple violet flower.


grand opening 6

Can I just say the mint cakeballs were A-MAZING!!!!!

There was so much yummy food available, and it was so creatively displayed in all sorts of CS merchandise...I was honestly jealous of the person(s) who were behind the amazing grazing!

Shortly after we arrived, Kip Tindell (Chairman and CEO of The Container Store) gave a speech before the band played once again.  If you are looking for employment, check this company out...they are SO employee satisfaction driven it is ridiculously refreshing.

You can only eat and drink so much, right? Tom and I started to play a game we called, "find the most unique item in the store" (yah, I know, kinda corny...but we've been married 21 years and this is how we roll...).

This is what Tom chose: grand opening 7

(It's a travel case for your bra...get it "cup case". Wah.) Who thinks up this stuff?????


Here was my pick: grand opening 8 In case you were as stumped as I, it's a bowl for edamame (or olives with pits), you serve them in the top bowl and then return the unwanted casing (or pit) into the lower (less seen) bowl. Cool beans!

Sometimes (like when I get to tag along on fun Grand Opening nights...) it's great to be Kim Muench.  Thanks honey for taking me along for the ride!

[Just kidding, A LOT of times it is great to be Kim Muench!]


upside down try

And yes, I realize this is upside down...but that's the way I felt by the time we left the party...