Kidd Kraddick and the power of touch.

ripples The air is heavy with grief over the sudden passing of syndicated radio personality David Kidd Kraddick. You cannot turn on any radio station in the Dallas area this morning and NOT hear talk about what a wonderful man he was and how many lives he touched in his 53 years of life. From Kidd's uncanny ability to get a rise out of his cohosts to his never ceasing charity work, Kidd left a wonderful legacy behind him. His is a life that will surely be missed by many, most of whom never met him, but felt they knew him well.

When someone like Kidd dies so suddenly it is a shock. We say things like, "What a tragedy, we lost a great man." or "I can't imagine what it is like to be the rest of his morning show, how will they go on?"

I am taking a different approach. Kidd's sudden death is really an opportunity to appreciate how well a life can be lived. And that appreciation should inspire each one of us to go out into the world and help make it a better place. Because that's what Kidd did. Everyday. On the radio each morning by entertaining us, through his charity events by self-lessly reaching out to those in need, and [though I did not know him personally] undoubtedly in his personal life as well.

Kidd's sudden death reminds all of us that life is a limited time offer. And the most important aspect of this life we are given is not what can be gotten FROM it, rather, what you can give TO it.  For it is in giving that we receive, right?!

What will THIS day say about you?  In what small or big way can you make THIS DAY one well lived?

Thank you Kidd Kraddick for helping me see the humor in life while I drove my kids to school each day, and for all you did to reach out to those in need...but most of all Kidd, thanks for being the inspiration I needed today to remember each day is an opportunity to make a difference.