A Labor of Love

May 2014 001
May 2014 001

I'll be honest, I wondered if the day would ever come when Brigham would pass his driving test. Not that I didn't feel he was perfectly capable of doing so, it was more that HE didn't believe (for quite some time) he had the ability.

Brigham is my third son. When my eldest, Nick, learned how to drive ten years ago, his dad got the job of teaching him because I had small children and really did not have the free time to spend hours behind the wheel (very likely I did not possess the necessary patience either, for the same reason).

My second son, Allen-Michael, did receive the benefit of my laid-back instruction on rare occasion but, he too fell into the hands of his dad when it came the bulk of his drive time. For the same reason stated earlier...you just cannot bring a six and four-year-old with you when teaching a sixteen-year-old how to handle a car. I think they call that irresponsible parenting.

But, with Brig, I had the time. And the patience, thank God, because it took A LOT of both to get him where he is today.

A. Brand. New. Driver.

It's hard to believe mere months ago, when we began this journey, Brigham would only drive IN the completely empty parking lot of the high school. Not to it. Or from it. Just inside a small square radius of it.

And even THAT was a challenge.

And, let me tell you, this kid is the KING of talking to himself while he drives, which is hysterical. You know all those little things that go on in your head while you drive (such as, "whoops, probably should have slowed down" or "does that squirrel have a death wish?" or "who was the idiot who put the curb THERE?"), well, when Brigham drives you know EXACTLY what he's thinking...because it is a constant stream coming from his mouth.

Fortunately Brigham was born to a very laid-back woman who decided it was in her best interest (as well as his) to spend more time encouraging him than lecturing him.  (I left that job to his dad).  I just kept telling him, "You got this Brigham!"

And [eventually] he did.

By passing on the first try!

Brigham is now looking toward his next feat...summer employment.  He knows he won't be getting away with one more summer of "up all night, sleep all day."  It's time for him to test his talent for ice cream scooping or burger flipping.   Or, maybe he'll be lucky and get to corral carts at the local Tom Thumb!

Whatever the case, he'll be using his newfound driving talent to chauffer himself to the job that will help him pay for his gas and insurance, as well as help his mom out when she needs his siblings taken to their camps or even to get a loaf of bread from the Kroger up the road.

I knew you could do it Brigham...love you tons Dawg, Mom