Looking inside ourselves, why this is so scary

Looking inside of ourselves for answers to personal challenges takes guts.

It's much easier to complain about an issue, or a person, or an outcome...placing blame on a variable outside of ourselves, than it is to acknowledge how our words, attitude, or actions may have contributed to the current status of our marriage, home life or even our career.

Looking inside means being really honest with ourselves.

Honesty = Vulnerability

By nature we see vulnerability as weakness.  Because some of our earliest experience has been that when we've truly shown ourselves, someone (maybe even someone we loved) has ridiculed, hurt, taken advantage of, possibly even abused or exploited us.  

We quickly learned it was necessary to hide ourselves behind a veil of what others wanted or needed for us to be, instead of what we believed we could, or desired to become.

Who we truly are may not be anything we even consciously remember at this point...instead, a general feeling of knowing it's safer, and easier, to be who someone else expects us to be, or what society tells us we need to be, is more familiar than remaining true to our own heart.

Maybe we've even become complacent and indecisive, or unmotivated instead of standing in our own light and investigating completely who we are, regardless of the way others respond.

Our reaction to those moments so long ago, and in an effort to protect ourselves, we've learned to walk around inside our lives behind a wall of what is true. Personal protection looks different for each of us, but the common thread is it's a lonely place to be.  

If we're lucky, there comes a time when it's more work and weight to pretend everything is okay ( or "great") than we are willing to carry.

What is protecting myself from what others think or need from me costing ME?


the decision to remember who you are, and what you want from the short opportunity called life, becomes greater than the desire to protect yourself.  

Even when you know the only way you will seek your truth is to lean in to the discomfort of evaluating, investigating, and creating who you are called to be.

Which equates to tossing off the mask, setting the shield aside, exposing what's underneath.

And getting to work.

It will take time and energy.

Because you didn't get to where you are today overnight.

It's going to be a big step to reintegrate the YOU in you.

Taking my own advice,

I have spent the last several years intently working on a project.


And while I am no where near finished, I am about to take a big step forward.

Creating an event I know will be a game changer in my life.  

In the process of this "manifestation" I have had people fall away from me, I have had people appear (complete strangers) and rally for me...there were things I expected to come about that didn't, and good fortune fell into my lap when it was least expected.

It's been a labor of love...I'd even go so far as to call it the equivalent of giving birth.

In all of my imperfect glory, later this week I will walk up on the stage, pushing past any residual fear, and stepping into the passion of my life's purpose.

Introducing a message of a gentler, completely different yet beautifully effective, approach to raising children today.

For connected, healthier, brighter family life tomorrow.

Because the seeds of who our children will become begins with who you and I are as parents.

If you live in the Dallas area, I'd like to invite you to join me this Thursday, May 5th, for an event called, The Awakened Family:  Supercharging the Parent/Child Relationship.  

My favorite parenting author, and someone whose work has changed my life, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, will be speaking to moms and dads, educators and mental health professionals about building deeper, stronger connections with our kids through conscious parenting.

If you do not live in the area, or cannot make it to this event, I encourage you to check out her website and pick up her book(s) starting with The Conscious Parent.

It's been a gradual process, but when I let go of what others thought and who I felt they needed me to be, continually stepping back into my own skin, I learned what a beautiful thing it is to be 


Which is the most inspiring thing I can bring to my purpose.