Ain't nobody gonna make me feel like a bad parent! Period.

Rare are the moments when I feel overwhelmingly frustrated, but this morning (after middle school open house last night) I feel like I gotta vent, and I am choosing to do it here.

Here it goes...

1.  Why do all of the teachers need us to sign up for Remind 101 and receive their text messages?  I do not have any desire to receive regular messages from my child's teacher(s).  It is my child's job to go to school and to know what he/she is supposed to have completed or what to be ready for in the coming week.  By my signing up for "Remind 101" I am then compelled to ask such questions as, "Maddux, did you do the science assignment that is due today?"  or "Maddux, there's a math test Friday, are you ready?"  Don't get me wrong, I do frequently ask my children about their school day...whether they have any homework...if they have any tests or projects coming up.  But the responsibility is on their shoulders (where it ought to be), not on mine.  If you ask me, this is exactly how we create helicopter parents!  I trust my child knows his job, and will do it to the best of his ability.  It's always worked in the past, and when it hasn't we've made revisions in our parenting to assist with the issue at hand.

2.  The district has given out thousands of iPads to students.  My junior in high school received one last is collecting dust on his dresser.  My 4th grade daughter got one this year...a mixed blessing at best...yes, she is doing some interesting projects on it, such as creating movies about the different parts of speech with cute kitty cats and lollipops.  Hey, if it helps her understand what an adjective is, I am all for it.  But it is also a continuous battle to keep her off of it after school.  Yes, my job as a parent to monitor and moderate my kids use, I get it.  But her dad and I would not have gone out and gotten her her own electronic device, we don't think she needs it at nine.  So now because the school issued it we are forced to institute boundaries about use.  Meanwhile my middle schooler (who might get his district issued iPad next year) cannot get the lyrics to a song he needs to sing for his ELA class on Friday because it only comes through Remind 101.   And, since his parents won't get him a phone and they won't sign up for Remind 101 he is at a disadvantage.   This will not change my stance on getting him a phone or on getting Remind 101 for my phone.


I will not feel like a bad parent for working hard to keep my family as electronic free as I can!

Oh, and another thing...

3.  I am an "old school" mom, meaning I need a piece of paper to come home with the band meeting date/time on it.  Then I write, with pen, the information on the family calendar.  I don't have time or enough memory to check the website for each of the three schools, not to mention individual teachers, of my kids.  Sorry tree huggers, I gotta have a "hard copy" or it doesn't compute in my brain, which means I don't show up. 

(BTW I just heard all report cards will be online now too...)

Okay, I feel better.  I think I am done ranting...and I am 100% certain there are a bunch of parents who will agree with me.  I am also just as sure there are those who will say I need to get my head out of my butt and live in the real world of electronic technology because it's only gonna become more prevalent and my kids will end up not getting into college because I am against giving them every electronic advantage.


However you feel about the subject, it won't change my mind.  I am spending too much time already trying to keep my kids engaged in "real" life.  It is a daily, consistent battle. 

But our family is worth it.