Mother of the Year?! What has parenting come to?

Now we know we live in a world where a mother beating her son for the actions that anger her is seen as a reason to be awarded "Mother of the Year."  

Has anyone thought maybe, just maybe, her son's behavior has something to do with the anger he feels inside about events that have led up to yesterday's protest (which might include previous beatings by his mother)?

I am in no way making excuses for this young man's behavior, I am trying to point out that cussing at, and berating a child, while in the moment may work to change the behavior that upsets you, really does nothing but preserve a cycle of violence in our families, communities, and society.

I cannot think of anything my kids could possibly do that would ever cause me to beat the shit out of them like this woman did.  Which is not to say my kids never anger me, or that my kids are in any way, shape, form, or stretch of the imagination perfect.

Or that MY PARENTING is perfect for that matter.  This isn't about being perfect, it's about being human.

When we perpetuate violence under our own roof, it spills out onto the street in a million different ways.  Violence, addiction, low self-esteem, disrespect for the lives and feelings of others.

Spare the rod spoil the child....BULLSHIT!

His decision to partake in the riot yesterday was a result and culmination of the life experiences of this young man.  Motivated by his feelings and super-charged by his still developing brain which told him he didn't care what his actions meant to his family or his community.

Can no one else see that the behavior we find so offensive towards police officers (who deserve some respect for putting their lives on the line everyday) is an extension of what these young people have had to digest their whole lives?

Maybe this mother grew up being beaten herself and does not know any other way to convey her frustration and disappointment to her son for his actions. Maybe she, too, was cussed at and made to feel like shit all of her life.  So, if that's all she has ever known then I guess we can't expect her to treat her child any different.

The next generation will reflect the way they've been treated, especially by their parents.  After all, that's how we turned out.  Unless and until we have the courage to look at the model we were given and make changes so our future looks brighter than our past, we will continue to travel down this path of self-destruction.

It. Starts. At. Home.