cursive writing + dinosaurs = things aren't what they used to be

cursive-writing Not sure if you have noticed, but cursive writing is a dying art.

My oldest sons, at twenty and twenty-six, only know how to write their names in cursive.  Although they were taught the entire alphabet in grade school, it wasn't mandatory to use their newfound skill, so they have forgotten everything but their signature.  My sophomore and my fifth grader are navigating the same course.

Mia, a third grader this year, is "learning" cursive.   She brings home a packet every week and has the option of practicing each night.   At first she was all over it, thinking it was so pretty.   Then it got to be too much effort (even if I allowed her to do her practice page in front of the television).

I am willing to bet money she won't even learn to write her name in cursive.

It is not like I want to bash the teachers, or the school district, or to point fingers at anybody in particular, I understand things change.  But, when it comes down to it, I am grieving the loss of the DISCIPLINE of learning to write cursive letters.

Is that weird?!

You would think I would be the first to applaud cursive writing's fall by the wayside.  I can still remember the day (it was 1976) when I walked in the door from school (Catholic, of course) and my mom told me she had received a phone call from Sister Sean Marie who told her I had horrible handwriting skills and I needed extra help at home in the evenings.

Really?!  Who calls a parent because a kid's writing is sloppy?!

Yah, I know, the computer is where it's at. The problem is both my youngest son and my daughter peck at the keyboard with one finger.  I have told them this is not going to get them very far in life.  I think Brigham has mastered the art of two handed least I hope that's the case by his second year in high school.

In all honesty, though this lack of cursive makes me sad, even I have come to use it less and less often. (Like for an occasional thank you note or a grocery list).  I began this website by writing with paper with pen (not imagining there could be any other way) and now I very much prefer to sit down in front of my laptop to create.

I guess the bottom line is I am scared to think of what the future might bring...please tell me we won't ever get rid of chalk boards at school, now THAT would really throw me into a tizzy!