Need a miracle? Listen for the secret sound.

Mia and I have been diligently listening to and playing our favorite radio station's annual contest, the KLTY SECRET SOUND.  She and I started calling in with a vengeance several times a day more than a week ago when the jackpot was at $3,000.00. This morning the prize was up to $10,000 and I was completely convinced I would be the winner, after all, I had known the answer the entire time...I just hadn't been able to get through!

Each time we'd hear the promo to call, Mia and I would grab the phones, me on the house phone, she on my cell, and we'd call over and over again.  I even had Tom convinced I was going to win, so he was on his cell when they announced the promo to call at 7:25 this morning.  

We had three different lines going with persistence!

Guess what?

I didn't win.

My plan was to use the money to fund a course for what I have recently come to understand is my true calling in life...parent coaching!  (Maybe this doesn't come as a surprise to those of you who know me in person, or who read my blog regularly).  I have been accepted into a program I am super excited about, I have the time/energy/passion to do the work, I JUST NEED THE MONEY!

And, I admit, I was convinced God gave me the answer to the secret sound because that was the way I was going to fund my endeavor.

But, I was wrong.  At least for today.

And, shortly after the winner wasn't me, this came through my Facebook feed and reminded me not to get discouraged:


My desire to step into my true calling is bigger than my disappointment over not winning the $10,000.  

I continue to walk in faith, knowing that if I didn't get the money through winning the secret sound contest today, He's got a bigger, better plan in mind.

With faith, calm, courage, patience and grace I will wait...and continue to listen for the secret sound of course.

One of my favorite tunes appeared while I worked out this morning...yes, God even reminds us through the music we stream...

What are you working towards today?  I hope my faith will encourage you to have some as well!