Not "new year, new you"... NEW DAY, NEW YOU!

I hate this time of year.   Everyone making a big deal about new years resolutions, when in reality you don't need a new year to start living a better life. That can happen any day of the year.

I truly believe no matter how put together you look on the outside, or how perfect your life appears to be to others, inside we are always going to feel a certain amount of  insecurity.   Heck, Oprah deals with that feeling, and she has the world in the palm of her hand... sitting on a cushy chair in Maui interviewing the most inspiring people for Super Soul Sunday.  (This, by the way, is my new favorite show.)

Confronting what we perceive as our flaws is part of human nature.

Yet I think one of our life purposes is to uncover ways of working to overcome the feelings of confusion, isolation, and inadequacy we all succumb to on occasion.

This graphic popped up on my Facebook page today (she kinda looks like me...only I have a lot less make up and crap on my vanity), it touched me so much I thought I would share it:

Dodinsky quote

I love how this woman is hugging herself in the mirror instead of scrutinizing herself!

So many of us spend too much precious time thinking about what we could have/should have done, whether or not we are doing a good enough job as a spouse/parent/friend, or agonizing over how we'll get through the week.

How beautiful would it be if each of us began the day by embracing ourselves in the mirror?!

Life is short.  Hug yourself and then hug the ones you love...only YOU can make it a great day, week, month or year...decide you are worth it, and put your thoughts into action today!