"No" is a complete sentence. ~Anne Lamott

boundariesI have heard a number of conversations about the VMA Awards that were broadcast Sunday night. Facebook, The TODAY Show, even moms chatting outside of school. Everyone has been talking about it, the consensus seems to be we are offended by what was seen on stage Sunday night.

All I gotta say is, why are we so surprised?!

The performance most in question was merely a culmination of everything that's wrong with our society today. Sex sells, make money any at cost, self indulgence/overindulgence, gotta have it faster/hotter/better/higher RIGHT NOW!

Remember that skit from MAD TV a number of years ago?

Bottom line: MY creative license is more important than YOUR being offended by it.

So what are "we" going to do about it?  This almost complete lack of boundaries in our culture?!

I heard there are some groups trying to get MTV to make changes...who knows if anything will really ever come of it.

Media (including television, theater, music) will always be there pushing the envelope.  Just like drugs will always be available to our kids.  You aren't going to stop it.

We can, however, take the time to really look at, and question, what is going on in our own homes. What are we watching and listening to? What are we allowing our kids to view? What do we buy for ourselves, for our children? Do we have healthy boundaries in place under our own roof? What do we model for our kids in terms of delayed gratification?

It's time to face the fact that nothing will change if WE don't step up make changes. If you have kids that are overindulged...it is because you allowed it to happen. Stop blaming everybody else and take a look under your own roof.

Because that, my friends, is where it all begins.