Note to self: Moms don't get sick days!

toilet My world is exploding...the job I love, more of a full-time endeavor than a part-time position.  To say it is stressful would be putting it mildly.

In addition, we are moving in less than TWO weeks!  Have we packed much of anything? Nope. This past week was spent running to and from the new house and our local Sherwin Williams to get supplies for the painters (who, by the way, did an awesome job transforming our new place... it is amazing what a little color change will do!).

Just because we decided to move does not mean the other activities in our lives stop. Our usual week is fairly busy with work/kids activities, add moving into the mix and realize the only sane way to handle it is to have a sense of humor to get through it.  There is literally no other option.

It was no surprise, in fact it was probably fitting, on Friday night [when we were in the process of a special night out with the kids, including staying at the Omni Hotel in Dallas and visiting the new Perot Museum], I MYSELF LITERALLY began to explode!

I'll spare you the details, except to say I had no idea how comforting the cold tile floor in a nice hotel could be.  Since I can be incredibly OCD about germs, you now understand just how ill I was.

What to do about all this stress in life?  I try to take my own advice and workout, meditate, pray, eat [somewhat] healthy, get enough sleep [six hours a night counts, right?], pray, end each day with a glass of chardonnay and a bowl of Cheetos Puffs.  Did I mention I pray?

My faith is being tested, it has before and there's no doubt it will happen again.  The most challenging, YET MOST IMPORTANT thing I need to keep trying to do is live in the present moment.

The job, the move, the kids, my stress, the million aspects of life...will work out.  They always have, always will.  My worrying will not change the outcome.  It will only make me sick.

There is one benefit of becoming really ill (and no, it's not losing the 5 lbs. you've always wanted to)...when you feel better, you appreciate your health even more than you did before.

Besides, there is no time for "sick days" when you're a mom!