Oh how I long to hear, "It's that time of year again: Back to School!"

Guess how many days are left of summer vacation?  Seventy...but who's counting?  I am, that's who.  My kids have been done with school for eighteen days and already I am begging for a return to the routine! There are a multitude of reasons I love the school year, not the least of which is having a clean house.  To me  "a place for everything and everything in its place" gives me inner peace.  Very achievable at the Muench house from September through May, but totally illusive from June through August.  And for whatever reason, this summer I am having a harder time adjusting to that fact.

Don't get me wrong, I love that the kids bring their friends over.  I love the revolving door of college kids, high school kids, boy scouts and little girls who want nothing more than to play dress up all afternoon long.  I enjoy the sounds of laughter and summer fun coming from all corners of the house and pool; it's the parade of wet swimsuits and  towels, dishes, and empty food containers they leave behind that I abhor.

I wish I could tell you I had perfect children that always picked up after themselves, did their own laundry, and made their own beds without listening to me nag them a hundred times over before doing so.  The kind of kids that closed the refrigerator door and turned off lights when they were done with them.  Or took the dogs for a walk "just because".  I swear if I ever figure out the secret to that behavior I am going to share the information with the whole world!

I've done dishes at least two dozen times this weekend, Tom has likely done them at least that many times as well.  But, those damn things multiply and here is what my sink looks like now (no lie, 5 minutes after I just finished doing the gal-darn dishes!):

I thought multiplication only happened with dirty clothes, turns out dishes also possess the same kind of magic.  The only thing that doesn't seem to reproduce around here are helpful children...Grrr

I am going to focus on the bright side, every week brings with it a new schedule in summertime.  Change is good.  This week it's a theater production for Mia, boyscout camp for Maddux and tennis camp for Brigham.  Allen-Michael will be working as a daycamp counselor and I just have to get them all to and from these events without running out of gas.  Another positive,  this summer gives me the perfect excuse to put off trying to figure out what happens to me in the fall (work? school?), and we have a great trip planned mid-summer to Wisconsin which we are all looking forward to (provided our 2003 "silver bullet" Olds Silhouette gets us there...).  Soon enough the t.v. will be chock full of ads announcing the words I so desire to hear...