One foot in front of the other...

This is (said with a lot of love) our "fixer upper."  The house actually looks pretty nice the moment however, it has three large "bagster" bags on the driveway filled with several thousand pounds of wood flooring, baseboard molding, metal curtain rods and a TON of dust.   The windows are filthy, the trees and bushes are all overgrown, many are dead ...the overall outward appearance works for us this month because it appears haunted, unloved and "spooky".  I am sure our neighbors will be over soon to make friends with us.

This is how our week/weekend looked:



Our high schooler was lucky enough to have psat team and back-to-back shifts at La Madeline so he escaped the back-breaking, yet joyful, job of removing glued-down wood flooring.  Husband took the brunt of the job putting in 26 hours behind the mini jack hammer. I made a smart ass comment Sunday morning about being able to handle taking over that part of the job.  Five minutes into it I was begging for mercy.  The floor, rebelling against our removal, came out in very small, splintery pieces.  But hey, we saved $1,600.00 which is going to be spent elsewhere.

After hours of sweeping, vacuuming and wiping down the finest dust I have ever seen, we now have some new interior walls, painters taping and prepping the walls, and the 7-in wide white-washed wood floors will begin to be installed tomorrow.  VERY EXCITING!

I want to be able to write here regularly during this process.  However, my mind is continually going in 100 different directions.  So, I will not disappear but, I cannot promise one complete thought or story until we are past this renovation.  I will continue to post pictures as we go along.  If nothing else, it helps remind me of how far we have come and how we just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Kimberly MuenchComment