Only you can control your future! ~Dr. Seuss

  Happy New Year!   I hope you had a safe, warm, healthy holiday!

I received the two THINGS I most wanted this year, my sons (plural) safe arrival home, and our annual trek to JCPenney portrait studio for the Christmas card picture!

This ended up being the winner for 2013...

family xmas pic card 2013

We enjoyed a lot of down time together, a plethora of cookies and treats, as well as an abundance of board game playing and movie viewing nights.   I think it is safe to say we are ready to tackle 2014 by sending the kids back to school so they can learn something other than how to sleep in and how to drive each other insane!

We also added two new family members to the clan, twin brother guinea pigs named Gypsy and Pippin!

guinea pigs I would say the holidays were indeed successfully enjoyed by all!


Moving on...


One of the things I have written and talked about in recent months is my growing passion for supporting moms and dads on their parenting journey. There is always a great deal of discussion about how much pressure our children are under, but I truly believe the people heading up the families in this country are treading in some very turbulent waters as well.   My problem has been figuring out HOW to help.

I now have an answer [!] and it is being offered in my favorite form...writing and sharing with other parents!

By the grace of God, I have been given a tremendous opportunity!!!   Remember the conscious parenting blog I wrote last year?  You know, the one I was going to turn into my next book?  (Which I have not had time to write...)

Well, it is going to be used as content for a new online magazine which will be unveiled in a few weeks!  Not only that, but I will be regularly contributing to a feature page called  MomSolvers as well! (When you have a minute, check out the Facebook

I truly believe when we take the time to share our dilemmas and parenting challenges, we can accomplish many things.  For example:  (a) we gain understanding that we are not alone in our parenting trials and triumphs, (b) we increase our ability to empathize and show compassion, and (c) we learn there are other ways of handling family situations, ones which might even benefit our own family!


Working TOGETHER we win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Things are still in the works for the online magazine website, and when I have more details you will have them too.  I will absolutely continue to write here as well.  I appreciate all of the encouragement and feedback you have given to me over the past two years...let's face facts, without it I probably would have given up on this writing "thing" a long time ago and then I would not have been given this chance to make a difference!


Here's to a NEW year filled with possibility... hip, hip HOORAY!  Hip, hip HOORAY!