Proof that I AM a good mom dammit!

This may sound a little silly, but I define my success as a mom by my sons' ability to get haircuts without my intervention. Yes, really.

My boys go through YEARS of fighting it, but then....miraculously, one day....some kind of maturity switch gets flipped and they are able to fully recognize when they look like an orphan child (one of my favorite terms).

The real turning point comes though when they take the next step...going out into the world [unescorted] and getting themselves an actual haircut. Bonus points when they pay for it!

The first two boys (26 and 20 this month) make me so proud when they call to tell me they got a hair cut. Trust me, they are well aware of my excitement.

It's like getting "mom brownie points."

Fifty percent of my sons now know when they look shaggy and will indeed head to the nearest Great Clips. I have complete faith in the other half as well, although at ages 15 and 10 they are in the throes of what I call the "rejection" phase. You know, when they kick/scream/threaten to "die" if I take them within 500' of a "chop shop".

However difficult this phase is, I will not give up on them...for I have seen the other side!

I have said on numerous occasions, "Boys I am your mom for godssake, I have a vested interest in you looking your best!  I would not tell you you needed a haircut if you did NOT need a haircut.  I don't have extra hours in the day to haul your long-haired butt to the barber, trust me!"

Some recent photos...

BEFORE the "cuts":

boys august 2013 before the cut

(BTW, I love these two but they have that "Justin Bieber" thing going on which seems to be all the rage, except even Justin himself has moved on from it when you look at his current photos. Somebody (maybe his mom) finally told him how ridiculous he looks with wings coming out of the sides of his head).

My sons want you to know they purposely have smug looks on their faces because they did not want to participate in this post...

Nick before

This is my oldest, Nick.  He lives in Austin and just sent me these before/after response to him was I love him no matter what, but I hate the way he hides behind his beard and I miss his cheeks. (I said I was a good mom, not a perfect one...if I were perfect I he would be neatly trimmed top and bottom of face...)


after the cut

NIck after

My daughter Mia is eight, I haven't decided what might constitute my success as a mom with her at this point. But it will very likely have something to do with her decision to stay away from boys who walk the streets with long hair. And Grizzly Adam beards. (Just kidding Nick, mom loves you just the way you are).