Reality sucks!

realityThe other day I received a questionnaire from a network I like to watch.   They asked me if I wanted to answer a bunch of questions to see if I fit the profile of someone whose opinion they'd want on several shows currently airing, as well have me view and give feedback on some pilot episodes.   I will admit, I was kind of flattered.  I thought, what the hell....let's see if I am someone whose opinion they would want feedback from (it did not occur to me they might take anyone who filled in the questionnaire...but, upon reflection, that is probably the case).

Surprise, surprise they accepted me as someone whose input they would value on what airs through their network...

You notice I have not named the network...they made be promise I would not reveal any  "privileged information" and since I think these people probably have some pretty deep pockets,  I am not about to risk whatever dough we have by sharing anything I am not supposed to.

So, Thursday I received an invitation to watch a pilot episode of a show they want to air soon.  For whatever reason I chose to spend an hour watching said show and then answering the myriad questions which came at the end of it (I think I was tired or studying, or I didn't want to fold the of the two).

Having no idea of the shows content before I hit the play button, it turned out to be a reality television pilot about a famous individual and his family.    Although I have a pretty low opinion of family life reality television shows in general, I decided to watch it all the way through just so I could share my unedited feedback.

I am thinking they will probably not ask me to watch another pilot episode again...

Someone please explain to me why in world so many people have a fascination with watching families and individuals daily lives on television?  I mean, who really gives a poop what the Kardasian family eats for breakfast or how they spend their day?!   And Honey Boo Boo and her clan are just begging to be openly criticized.

I truly belive parents who choose to film daily life should be psychologically tested, I even think it could be grounds for child abuse.

The thing is, we watch this poop so they keep creating the same junk.  When are we going to demand a higher standard of media?  From television shows to music lyrics, crap is created and, for the most part, crap is what you and I and our children ingest!

Come on people, we deserve better!

As an addendum to my thought about parents needing to realize how detrimental reality t.v. is to their children, I happened to catch the interview Savannah Guthrie conducted with Kate Gosselin and her two eldest girls this week on the Today Show.  Since I have been so readily handing out my opinion this week,  my feeling is those girls were purposely trying to make their mom look bad because of all she has put them through in their young lives.  I hope to God nobody offers them another reality television show...

What if we took the time we spend watching television that insults our intellect and turned it into working on our own family relationships?  In my opinion reality television centered around anybody's life is extremely self-serving.