Regret for wasted time is more time wasted. ~Mason Cooley

clock Arriving home after a high school committee meeting the other day I told my husband, "Please make sure I don't say yes to anything else."  Lately it seems I have a problem saying no.  Or, maybe this is a chronic issue and not a recent development in my life.

I am [only] working "outside the home" one day a week, therefore I should have plenty of time to study for my state exam, continue to write, and keep my stress level at a minimum. The ultimate result being my stellar performance as a wife and mother.

So, what is happening to all of my "free" time?!?!

Upon reflection, the waning of my time began shortly after the first day of school. I heard an announcement at church about their desperately needing catechists for the religious education program. This would not normally be my cup of tea, but it came on the heels of a sermon I actually listened to about how heaven's gate isn't open to you just because you attend mass. Bottom line, Mia is thrilled I am one of three teachers in her class this year.

Then, I received an email about a new CASA case.  A sixteen-year-old whose parents have relinguished their rights.  So, after years of abuse, she has effectively been orphaned.  According to the judge, this young lady needs a mentor.  I volunteered because I hope to be  someone who can help restore her faith in adults.  I am looking at this as a can't-fail opportunity.

In addition to those two new little time eaters, there is a book burning inside of me, just waiting to burst forth. I have decided to call it, "Putting the OM in Mom: Practicing the Art of Conscious Parenting".  I keep wondering when the time will be arriving to turn this passion into a paper bound vessel.  I did make some progress on an outline and an introduction yesterday, so that is a step in the right direction!

My husband [constantly] reminds me how much time I waste on Facebook.  (Have I ever told you how happy I am that he works from home?)  He's right of course, I cannot deny I spend wayyyyyy too many minutes a day checking out what super important things are going on in other people's lives.

Guilty pleasure, just like chardonnay/Fritos and Dr. Phil...

It can be a real challenge at times attempting to balance the needs of my family with my own personal goals.  Firmly believing we all have a purpose, as I work towards what I believe is my own, I struggle mentally with whether or not what I want to do is what God wants me to be doing.

I have suggested [to my husband] several times that I stop blogging for awhile and concentrate my writing effort on this next book.  He is adamant that I not give up writing and posting.  One of my strongest motivations to continue on this site is because I love the interaction when people "like" or (better yet) comment.  I love connecting with others through makes my heart sing.

I will keep praying God will continue to refocus me where I need it and open doors to where my purpose is best served.  Because one thing is for sure....I cannot do it all.

Don't you wish sometimes you had that someone in your life that would just tell you what you should be doing and where your life is going so you didn't spend so much time guessing and second-guessing your life's work?!

Me too.