Remember: God has a hand in your child's life. - Mark Gregston


It has been said motherhood can be equated to wearing your heart outside of your chest.  I believe many moms would agree with this statement.  When our child is hurting, whether it is due to physical or emotional pain, we desperately want to fix the problem or protect our child the moment we become aware of the issue.

Sometimes it is an easy fix, which is great because then life can continue as usual. But, sometimes, no matter how hard or in how many ways we try, mom just cannot make the pain go away.

At times like this, the mom in me leans very heavily on her faith. Because I believe there is a God and a reason for each challenge and triumph we face. This makes experiencing the pain my child is confronting just a bit easier.

Not a lot...but a bit. I choose to lean into the discomfort of knowing in certain situations the outcome has to come from my child. They alone have the power to overcome the pain or to change a difficult situation. And sometimes we moms just have to be patient and believe the right outcome will take place, even if it isn't the one we pray for.

God does have His hand in our children's lives. We need to trust that the lessons we share, and the example we set for our children will rub off and make a difference in their lives. That includes our use of prayer and our believing both in them, and in God's plan for us. God loves all of His children, no matter what the age.  The song below is one I put on an iPod for my son Nick when he was struggling some years ago.   Even today the lyrics remind me not to turn away in times of trouble, but to lean on faith to weather the storm.