What an opportunity Tom and I had last night! We attended the Denim and Diamonds Gala at the Circle R Ranch to benefit a wonderful local organization called "Journey to Dream". You know I pretty much live in sweat pants and tank tops with my hair pulled back in a ponytail, but last night I got all glammed up (not knowing exactly what a "Denim & Diamonds Gala" might call for...I rushed to Kohls and bought a new black cocktail dress and even some NYLONS!)... kim and tom I happened to come across this event on a local Facebook page and decided we should attend.  I am so glad we did because although the venue was beautiful and the food was delicious, the story behind what Journey to Dream has been doing since 2004 touched me deeply.

This organization, headed by Kim and Jody Hinkle, aims to help area young people who are in trouble.  Whether because of bullying, divorce, self-harm, suicide, or addiction, Journey to Dream meets youth where they are at with programs and unconditional support.  They offer school programs (in the form of assemblies and support groups), retreats, and peer-to-peer mentoring.  Journey to Dream's goal is to help teens love and accept themselves, to understand although life can hand us some challenging circumstances, we are alive for a purpose and to embrace it.

Essentially they teach kids how to be resilient!

As a teen mom myself, and as a mother who has walked the path of addiction with her own son, I can say this organization is VERY needed and VERY worthy of your time to understand it better.  Please check out their website, the videos and descriptions do an awesome job of telling their story.

Not every home is joyful, not every child is loved unconditionally and has parents that show up, but this organization aims to fill the gap.  I am excited to know it exists in our community and hope to get more involved now that I am aware of the great work they are doing!

Often I add music to my posts that I feel describes my message, this song does a great job of backing up what Journey to Dream shares everyday...


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