Shoppers anxiety!

Today I went to our local Super Target.  With a list that was actually written on a piece of paper rather than on my hand!  Anyways, I LOVE the Super Target because it is truly one-shop shopping.  I can buy groceries, a new wardrobe for my whole family, fill a myriad of prescriptions, and get any and all necessary pet supplies.  What the heck, I can even decorate an entire home, and it's all under ONE roof!

As I enter the store I note that I don't have much time and that I have only nine items on my list.  I am extremely focused...until I see this very cute dress in the girls section and think to myself, "That would look so cute on Mia!"  Bam! I get sucked into the girls clothing department on my way to the grocery area of the store.  No where on my list did it say "cute dress for Mia" and yet, I put it in the cart.  I begin to breathe a little faster, and my palms are getting moist.   A very familiar voice [that of my husband] begins to play in my head, "What are you gonna give up so Mia can have that dress Kim?" "We can't afford anything extra this month, the dogs are costing us an arm and a leg with all their vet bills." "Did you just plant a money tree in the backyard, because I haven't seen one!" "Did we not just get back from a vacation and have a vow renewal party?"

Reality sets in and I pull out of the girls section continuing on once again towards the grocery section of the store with a renewed sense of purpose and awareness of the time.  All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see the cutest Halloween costumes for dogs!  And I say to myself, "It's 100 degrees out, I cannot believe they are already displaying Halloween items, that's just crazy!"  Yet somehow magically, almost magnetically, my cart starts to roll towards the cute costumes...boy would Mollie look cute in this angel costume, and Mischief can definitely pull off the devil one...plunk, in the cart.  At this point my heart is beginning to race and I am all but running toward the food aisles! Stay focused girl, jeez what is your problem?!

Next in the cart go the milk, yogurt, string cheese (all on my list)!  I walk up and down the grocery aisles...then, I notice that some nice Super Target employee has strategically placed a very enticing end cap of my favorite snack at the corner of grocery and produce. Willpower has never been one of my strong suits so, into the cart 2 bags of Cheetos Puffs go...(a great deal at $2.99 for the family size bag).

Just two more items on the list, apples and iceberg lettuce.  Nearing the front of the store, I know I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I have only put THREE unlisted items in my cart (well five I guess if you count the two bags of Cheetos Puffs)!  Heading into the checkout lane I see the movie "Friends with Kids".  This is one I'd like to see and I'm sure Tom wouldn't mind the additional $19.99 for a great night of entertainment, right?  In it goes.  All the while, in the back of my mind, I continue to hear the reel of guilt palms literally dripping, my heart pounding out of my chest, a wave of dizziness washes over me.  I think to myself, "I have seriously overspent (a chronic problem for me at the Super Target), maybe I should just abandon the cart..."

And so I do!  I grab my purse and slowly take the first steps away from the cart, then I turn around and make a mad dash for the door!  I run all the way to my car, all the while thinking I must look like some kind of crazy woman or thief to the other shoppers...

Who needs apples and iceberg lettuce anyway?  I am sure my kids will be ecstatic about yet another night of hotdogs and Kraft macaroni and cheese.

One thing becomes abundantly clear to me as I drive home, the Super Target is my nemesis.  Like kryptonite is for Superman, I've just got to learn to stay away from it!