Time out.

Three weeks into our home renovation project, Tom and I took a weekend away to remember why we got married.

While initially we felt we really didn't have the time to head to the West Coast, the trip was already planned and paid for before we closed on the "project" house, so there wasn't much choice in the matter.  Nonetheless, our break did end up affording us the opportunity to reconnect on a level that didn't include sweaty t-shirts and dirty knees.

Which is important in marriage, at least for one that plans to last.

Time away as a couple, even when it's not most convenient...and a sense of humor, both necessary ingredients for a lasting relationship in my eyes.

Because while watching a home reno show on television is fun, the actual day-to-day process of said undertaking is not always so entertaining.  Color choices, workers who don't show up when you want them to, those that tell you they'll be done one day and a week later they are still around "finishing up".  These are the things that, if you allow them to, create headaches and stress, and arguments.

I tend to fret less about these types of bumps than Tom does.  I keep reminding him this is why things work as well as they do between the two of us.  Because if we were both impatient, lacking faith in the outcome, and feeling like money is flying out the window faster than a racecar driving a lap around the Texas Motor Speedway, we would really be in trouble.

In my mind, the trick is enjoy (rather than endure) the process, knowing we will delight in the final result.  Home renovation, like life, doesn't always proceed as planned (in fact I would venture to guess it rarely goes as planned). 

(I am sure I don't have to tell you my attitude can sometimes drive Tom totally nuts). 

Thank goodness he and I had some great wine, beautiful sunrises, and undivided companionship to recharge us.   We'll need it the next few weeks as we continue down the road of renovation, begin packing up (yet again) and settling into our beautiful "new to us" home...all the while breathing deeply and knowing it will all fall into place for the holidays.

I think Chip and Joanna would be proud of the job we're doing on our Fixer Upper!