Sometimes you cannot believe what you see. You have to believe what you feel...Morrie Schwartz

This is what I look at when I am sitting at my desk in the office:

Every Sunday night I sit down at my desk and try to figure out what to write about.  My goal is to say something relevant, inspiring, interesting and to add some humor (when appropriate).  I have found I have a desire to connect with other people through writing, it is one of the best ways I know how to process my thoughts and feelings .  This is a new concept to me, and to be totally honest,  the more the write, the more I want to write!  But sometimes (probably because I read so many self-help books and mom blogs) I feel as if everything has been written about, and written very well at that.  There is so much talent in the writing ring, I feel as if I don't stand a chance at becoming the writer I dream to be.

When I begin to get discouraged (yet another rejection letter in the mail) I find myself sitting and looking at the sign atop my armoire.  Believe.  What is that sign really trying to say?  According to, the word Believe means: "to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so."  Beside that $20 Hobby Lobby sign is a stack of books that have inspired me over the past few years.  Those books along with the feedback I have received thus far (ie: when someone tells me they connected with, or were moved by my book or a blog post I wrote) keep me believing one of my purposes in life is to write.

A few months ago I had the privilege of meeting Todd Burpo, author of "Heaven is For Real" at a local book signing.  His is one of the books that has really gotten me to think about faith and what might come after this life.  As I stood in line (nervously shifting my weight from one foot to another) I summoned the courage to ask him how I could get to where he was.  (You know, the "other" side of the signing table).  He was very kind and he told me, "If God wants you to write, you will write...just pray on it."  So, I took that advice to heart and I continue to pray on it.  And, I continue to write.

I BELIEVE, when the time is right, all things that are meant to happen, will indeed take place.  What do you think?