Space & light, what a gift!

THIS IS MY NEW WRITING SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is my "old" writing space:


As you can see, the new space is SO much more cheerful!  In my old space, the blind didn't work so if I wanted light I had to keep the ceiling fan fixture on (artificial, blech!), the walls were brown, and our bed was two feet away from my desk.  Many a morning I just rolled out of bed and into the chair to write a post (yah, right...).

My new space is officially called an ante room (which is just a fancy way of saying you have to walk through the room to get to our bedroom).  Because I am a less-than-fancy person, I call it "my office".  And I chose my favorite shade of blue for the walls to inspire me as I write.

The other day when I was working in my office (no honey, not looking at Facebook...), I felt a deep wave of gratitude.  I have been blessed with more space to create, a color I LOVE surrounding me, and several of these wordy inspirational messages placed all over the room:


That is my favorite one.  But, here's another good one:

the best day.jpg

Even though I don't know exactly where God is going to take my writing, I am certain with all of this great energy surrounding me, the sky is the limit!  All I keep thinking to myself is: 

God does provide when we Believe! 

In the past year I have gone from "just" writing a book and a blog, to writing a parenting series on Suburban Parent Magazine's website ( and being given a column in our local newspaper (!  I also decided to begin a book discussion group which centers around books to inspire us to become our best selves.

I feel like this is just the beginning.  If you have been following my writing, I want to thank you because I know how precious your time is.  I know God is going to lead me to great things in my new space and I hope you will continue to follow my writing adventure!